The Sauce

Eezy Foods is founded on a commitment to making BOLD, diverse, great tasting food enhancers. We feel that the world deserves to enjoy better tasting foods with impressive quality.

Eezy sauce finds its inspiration from “The South” with a hint of Asian and Indian influences. It is different from competitors, with a taste distinction that’s familiar, but still keeps you wondering what’s in the recipe.

Eezy Sauce is not a barbecue nor a hot sauce. Its multi-use capabilities is its top advantage and really goes well with many things. You might start off using it as just a condiment and end up making it your favorite cooking essential.

The Creator, Charles Isaac

After a trip to Amsterdam, Charles Isaac was inspired by the great tasting and diverse condiments native to the land. In 2013, Charles took his love for cooking and pleasing people’s taste buds, and handcrafted what is now known as… Eezy Sauce.

Charles provides for himself and his family working a full-time position and looks to build a monumental brand showcasing Eezy Sauce in restaurants and stores nationwide.

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